The Faces of Antwerp Fashion Weekend 2018

So Paris Fashion week is finally behind us and I must admit that I religiously tuned into Snapchat all week long, for a daily dose of fashion inspo (RIP to all the precious time I wasted). While I didn’t take part in this year’s Paris Fashion Week or any other Fashion Week for that matter, I did gain a victory of my own back here at home, making me one of the new faces of next year’s Antwerp Fashion Weekend. 

So how did this all happen? A few months ago, I did a casting for Meir Catwalk and was lucky enough to get chosen as one of the mannequins. A shop was assigned to all the models and I was more than ecstatic to showcase one of Pimkie’s outfit, from their newest collection.  Even though the clothes I was given to wear weren’t necessarily what I would go for if I stepped into the shop, I loved the playfulness of the jumpsuit and the colorful blouse I wore underneath. It was simply the perfect combination and the colors made my skin-tone pop, drawing the attention towards me (sorry-not-sorry). My team and I had to showcase our outfits at the ‘Wapper’, located right at the center of the Meir shopping street. We had to walk three times a day at different time periods in order to show the outfits to the happy shoppers passing by. On Sunday we got the news that two models (one male, one female) would be chosen to become the faces of next years 3rd edition of Antwerp Fashion Weekend. Straight up, my first thought was that I didn’t stand much chase, given the fact that most of the other female models were much younger than me. I was just focused on having fun and making the most of every moment, so you can imagine how happy and surprised I was when they announced the winners. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the name on the gift-card. To be honest it took an entire day for the news to completely sink in.

What does it mean to be the Face of Antwerp Fashion Weekend you ask? Well first of all we both got a €100 gift-card to shop at any shop of choice, we get to go to Paris for free and as the title reveals, our faces we be used for next year’s promotion campaign for the next edition of Antwerp Fashion Weekend. You will not only be able to spot Massimo and I on various posters and flyers all over Antwerp and on the internet, we will also star in a short promotional video for Antwerp Fashion Weekend. I can’t help but see this as the start of something  big and something amazing! Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be walking for famous designers in the next Fashion Week, be it in Paris, London, Milan or even  in New York!

m&m afw
Credit: AFW
By John Van den Elzen
By John Van den Elzen



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