Photoshoot in Italy!

Anyone else having trouble wrapping their minds around the fact that it’s November already? It’s crazy how time flies by so fast. I mean seriously it seems just like yesterday that I was making all this plans on all the things I’d like to accomplish this year. And now that we’re almost at the end of the year, I can’t help but smile while I look back at all the things I’ve done and memories I’ve made so far.

A while back, in July to be precise, I got the opportunity of a lifetime to go have a photoshoot in Cagliari, Italy. Given the fact that I’d never been to any part of Italy, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to get to know the country (a small part of it that is), while being productive and doing something I love. We (my boyfriend and I) planned a one week stay with Joeri, a photographer I’ve been working with for a while now and his wife Nancy, who happens to be a make-up artist as well. (See more of Joeri’s work by clicking on the following link).

Our first impression of Cagliari was the overwhelming heat that hit us once we landed at the airport. We spent the night in a hotel close to the airport since we arrived there late, then made our way towards Muravera, the following morning. Luckily enough a rental car had been arranged for us so we just needed to pick it up at the airport and begin the 1.30 hour drive to Muravera. Based on the photos I’d seen on the internet, I knew Cagliari was a beautiful island. However, no pictures could have prepared us for the beautiful scenery we came across during our drive to Muravera. I mean we had to stop twice to take in all of the beautiful mountains and rocks we passed. That’s how breathtaking it was.

Upon our arrival, we got a warm welcome and a small tour around Muravera and Costa Rei. We soon got to business a few days later and planned a sunset beach photoshoot at the beach close to where we were staying. Due to the fast pace in which the sun sets there, planning our time well was crucial. We had about 15min to do the shoot before the sun went down completely. Lucky enough we were able to get a few great shots.

For our next shoot, we had to wake up by the crack of dawn, so as to get some shots before the sun rose. We were all up by 5 in the morning to do the make-up and set the outfits ready before the sunrise at 6am. Similar to the sunset shoot, we only had a few minutes to shoot, before the sun completely rose. Thanks to great team-work, we were able to get more shots than with the first shoot.

By Joeri Peeters Photography
By Joeri Peeters Photography
By Joeri Peeters Photography
By Joeri Peeters Photography
By Joeri Peeters Photography

We also visited Cagliari (the city itself) for some sightseeing and to take some photos. However, because the sun was too high, we didn’t get enough shots since the sun was hitting too hard on my forehead, making it shine too hard. (Who’d have thought photography can be so complicated?)

By Joeri Peeters Photography
By Joeri Peeters Photography

All in all, we enjoyed our stay there and we were thankful to our hosts for having us there and for the great photos taken. We got to see a different part of the world and meet new people which we’re also thankful for. One thing I know for sure is that I can’t wait to go on more great adventures next year and in the years to come. Any other adventurous people out there? Comment below where you’ve been. I look forward to reading about all your experiences.

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